I recently came across an anecdote from Buddha’s life. It’s about a hare and a wolf. One day Buddha and his disciples saw a wolf chasing a hare near them in a forest. And the conversation goes like this.

Buddha: What you think will happen next?
Disciples: It’s obvious; the wolf is a more capable animal with a better running skill, so it will eat the hare in a moment.
Buddha: for what they are running?
Disciples: Wolf is running for its food and Hare is running for its life.
Buddha: So what do you think now?
Disciples: hmm.
Buddha: Hare will succeed because it is running for its life. But the wolf has many options, so its intentions are not as aligned as the other.

As they speak, hare went inside a burrow.

I believe its true in life and entrepreneurship. If we are fighting for a solid purpose, then privilege doesn’t matter. Let me know your interpretations. I believe its a story worth sharing.

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