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Take a sneak peek at the popular features of Sivi and know how it will help you with design workflow automation.

Gathers input like a human

Unifying the terminologies used by a marketer, designer and content writer is key to capturing design inputs. Sivi takes a goal-based design approach. It gathers the target audience, events, and other relevant information. It would drastically reduce the design turn around time and enables hassle-free communication.

Generates mood board to freeze the concept

Following a process is monotonous, and it is not creative for most of the designers. Sivi generates a meaningful design brief and mood board. A beautiful mood board with colors, typography, icon style, backgrounds, photographs, design tags and so on. You’ll never waste your time on incorrect input.

Stunning design assets to foster creativity [coming soon]

Creating or editing backgrounds for a given color scheme is time-consuming, choosing an appropriate icon style and fonts for a design brief is tricky. Sivi helps you with stunning assets for a given design brief.  Sivi also takes care of automatic asset adaptations for various device resolutions.

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