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Sivi understands the design brief, generates the mood board, curates the assets, edits the images and composes the design exactly like a designer.

Take a sneak peek at the popular features of Sivi and know how it’ll help with your creative needs.

Gathers input like a human

Unifying the terminologies used by a marketer, designer and content writer is key to capturing design inputs. Sivi takes a goal-based design approach. It gathers the target audience, events, and other relevant information. It would drastically reduce the design turn around time and enables hassle-free communication.

Generates mood board to freeze the concept

Following a process is monotonous, and it is not creative for most of the designers. Sivi generates a meaningful design brief and mood board. A beautiful mood board with colors, typography, icon style, backgrounds, photographs, design tags and so on. You’ll never waste your time on incorrect input.

Stunning design assets to foster creativity

Creating or editing backgrounds for a given color scheme is time-consuming, choosing an appropriate icon style and fonts for a design brief is tricky. Sivi helps you with stunning assets for a given design brief.  Sivi also takes care of automatic asset adaptations for various device resolutions.

Designs like a pro

Graphic design is an art of combining words and images to convey a message. Sivi knows how to balance the fundamental elements of design to get the best results.

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